Updated:  21/12/2013

All goods are shipped from our head office in China.

It is extremely important to miners that their hardware is received asap.  As a miner myself and the past frustrations I have had to face, I know this is vital.  I have started this additional extension to our main business knowing we can dispatch quickly thus allowing the community to get the best out of the Bitcoin world.

We aim to deliver within 7-10 working days in the UK and can take up to 10-14 days international depending on where you are located and if there are any public holidays that could cause a delay.  The simple goal is to get this out to you NOW and FAST.

The carrier we will use are: DHL.  Please ensure we have the correct mobile / cell number for DHL to contact you via an SMS.
Please remember, you are responsible for an import tax EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK and even if you choose to collect from our store. 


    • All store collections must be pre-arranged by calling:  01254 790990.
      A time and date needs to be arranged before you to collect.  UK stock will be extremely limited. UK stock will be extremely limited.